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Since ancient times, people have visited Shamans with a sense of feeling 'stuck' and powerless in life. These feelings come from personal events that cause soul loss. You know what that feels like: career, relationships, health, etc. down the drain. You don't feel confident & figuring out what to wear is a nightmare! 

In addition to Image Styling, I will help you achieve Holistic Wellness & learn how to manifest a fabulous lifestyle. See, I believe you can have it all. Peace, joy, money, health & a bomb closet to boot. That's why I work with your challenges, your chakras and your closet to help you get unstuck & power up your style! Let's get to werk shall we?

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I feel honored and excited to work with you on your journey to wellness, confidence & creative living. Being able to reclaim my power to rise above my own personal struggles gives me the hope & passion to coach. Let's get to our best version together!

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heal yourself to achieve wellness

Wellness is more than good physical health. It is the state of balance, in all areas of your life. It can be hard to know which areas need work, and how to get it together. That's what i'm here for. Click below to learn more about the 9-week Lifestyle Transformation program "Style Your Life"!

Level up to live the life you desire

Get tapped into the spirit power that creates your reality. You've spent enough time observing your life how it is - Wouldn't you like to live in a beautiful space, wear badass clothes & enjoy luxe experiences? Now is the time to manifest the version of life you actually want!

unleash your inner style god/dess

Picture this - You love & accept yourself as a unique, powerful being. You know what colors, elements and symbols bring you power via your image. Dream no further, this is the result of a little StyleTherapy!

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Getting yourself out of a style slump or making a life change can be scary. Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance and a place to start. This short E-book will give you just that. Join the list below to reserve your FREE copy today! 

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