style therapy

Are your soul and your closet in a slump? Do you have a vision of your inner badass and need to bring it to life? Then let's werk! Style Therapy includes: 

+ Style profile to identify the visual elements of your new image  

+ Personal reading using Astrology, Numerology & color mapping

+ Closet & Chakra Clearing workshop   

+ Style Consultation (recommend shapes, colors, symbols to empower you!)

Contact for a free 30 minute consultation.

energy clearing

If you're already fly & fab but just not feeling it lately, you may need an energy clearing.

We are energy beings that pick up on muck in the atmosphere (wifi, bad vibes, limiting thought patterns, pollutants, etc.) that can bog us down. Work with me to clear your personal energy field or space.

+ Personal Energy/Space assessment

+ Clearing ritual using natural tools (crystals, aromatherapy, herbs, etc.)

+ Customized affirmations for your daily use!

Email to setup a session.

Love lifestyle program

This coaching program will help you get "unstuck" and manifest your Love Lifestyle!  

+ Identify desires/goals in each area of your life 

+ Identify areas of struggle

+ Learn techniques to heal your chakras and clear blockers in your life

+ Learn Law of Attraction techniques to manifest abundance 

Contact for a free 30 minute consultation.

style shaman retreat 2018

It can be hard to clear your mind and reconnect from home. Sometimes you need an exotic escape to tap into your spirit and get a self-love boost in a stylish way! Join us in 2018 for The Style Shaman Wellness Retreat! Activities will include: Meditation, Energy Cleansing, Self Love Workshops & Personal Style Session and a fierce Photoshoot to show it all off! 

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