Since ancient times, people have visited Shamans with a sense of feeling 'stuck' and powerless in life. These feelings come from painful personal events that cause a loss of soul power.

You know what that feels like: career, relationships, health, are down the drain. You don't feel confident in your clothes, and figuring out what to wear is a nightmare!

Using our spiritual gifts, Shamans connect with the spirit world to heal at the soul level, clear energy blockers & provide practical wisdom

I am honored to continue this tradition with a twist. Soul work is important, but as a Stylist I know that when you look good, you feel great!  

That's why I work with your chakras and your closet to help you get unstuck & power up your style! 

Let's get to werk shall we?

nikki valentine

manifest your #LOVELIFESTYLE

You have a beautiful balanced space, badass clothes, and luxe experiences.

You are spiritually connected & tapped in to the power that manifests!

You love and accept yourself as a unique, powerful being. 

Not there yet? No worries. I am happy & humbled to help. Let's werk it out!

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E-book coming soon!

Getting yourself out of a style slump or making a life change can be scary. Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance and a place to start. This short e-book will give you just that.

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