Energy Healing & Lifestyle Transformation for the God/dess on the rise!

STYLE YOUR LIFE coaching program

Now is the time to heal & manifest the version of life you actually want. We will identify your strongest chakras and the ones that are holding you back from smashing those goals!

Program comes with a 1hr session per week, access to a private Facebook group and email support. 

Program includes 3 Main Modules:

+ Style

+ Spirit

+ Self Love

1:1 ENERGY healing

I provide Intuitive counseling on a personal issue / challenge. We will seek to identify the root of what is challenging you and create a plan for self healing.

We will also cleanse the energy system using spiritual tools to reset your flow and bring a feeling of balance and peace. Session includes but is not limited to: sage/palo santo smudging, working with crystals, etc.

Each session is uniquely tailored for your individuals needs and includes issue download, healing exercises and a spiritual Rx!


Working with Nikki has been a very inspirational and exciting experience. Her viewpoint is very real and she provides motivation. She cares about what affects your life and well being and has been very helpful in opening my perspective. I can honestly say I am blessed to have worked with The Style Shaman!
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Ashlei E.
Hair Stylist

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