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To live an amazing life-style, you have to know what that means to you first. What types of clothes express who you are? What kind of experiences do you want to have? What types of people would you like to surround yourself with? Once you are clear on these things, you can begin to work towards them. Clear vision is the first step to sweet manifestation! 

everyone has style - what's yours?










6 ways to power up your image

find your colors

When you get dressed, you should consider your skin tone, eye color and hair color to ensure your clothing highlights your unique shades!

play up your shape

We each have a body type that fits into 1 of a couple categories. Knowing your body shape, will help you dress to accentuate your assets.

pick your basics

Once you've determined your style type, you can determine which basics you would need to wear often & keep those handy as your go to pieces to build on!


Extras are a great way to stand out. Figure out your favorite go to accessory - it could be hats, sunglasses, big necklaces, or your favorite watch!

find power elements

It is also important to identify symbols, stones & natural elements that resonate with you / give you power. Incorporate these into your look for a boost of confidence and spirit power!


It makes it easier to shop when you know just what you want. Put together mood boards on Pinterest to help gather ideas of what to shop for. From the mood boards, make a shopping list.

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