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Life is alot like getting dressed. You could just go with the standard boring stuff you see on the mannequin, or you can remix it to create your own style!  I think you deserve more than the standard cookie cutter (boring) life you’ve been told to have. Wouldn’t it be better to remix your life so that it’s exactly how you want it?

That means looking and living how you want + tapping into your spirit to manifest all kinds of other crazy amazing dreams. This E-book will give you quick tips on how to boost your Spirit, improve Self Love and tackle that wardrobe to build a fierce Style! 

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Discover your style type & the elements, colors, symbols, that make you feel powerful! Learn about closet essentials!


Learn how to tap in and connect with the power that manifests. Timeless spiritual truths will help you find meaning & purpose.

Self Love

Without a true love for you, the rest of your life will feel out of order. Learn how self love affects your life and how to give it a boost!


You've spent enough time focusing on what you don't want - let's get clear on what kind of life you want & step through ways to get it!

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Don’t take my word for it. Download a copy for free and see how it can help you kickstart transformation in your own life! The E-book contains goodies like:

  • The 7 dimensions of Wellness and how to balance each area
  • Essentials & basics for every closet
  • A Self Love Checklist

Author spotlight

I’m Nikki Valentine – Style Maven, Spiritual Intuitive + Transformation Coach. I help young Gods/Goddesses to achieve personal wellness and manifest a beautiful life-style. If you know your life is meant for more, and that feeling & looking good are a birthright you’re in the right place!

Nikki Valentine

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