A Guide to the Good Life: The Complete Manual

One of the great fears we face is being subjected to a “normal” (and possibly boring) life. This book gives you the tools to overcome those fears and start to carve out a life that feels and looks better too! 

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Discover your unique fashion sense and the elements, colors, symbols, etc that make you feel powerful! Learn about closet essentials!


Learn how to tap in and connect with the power that manifests. Timeless spiritual truths will help you find meaning & purpose.

Self Love

Without a true love for you, the rest of your life will feel out of order. Learn how self love affects your life and how to give it a boost!

Live on Purpose

You've spent enough time focusing on what you don't want - let's get clear on what kind of life you do want & step through ways to get it!

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Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your life! This E-Book contains goodies like:

  • The 7 dimensions of Wellness and how to balance each area
  • Essentials & basics for every closet
  • A Self Love Checklist

Author spotlight

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Nikki Valentine

Readers say

Learning techniques to banish negative emotions and the distractions surrounding us in a consumer society which take me off the path to life.

Paul Smith

I’ve been helped immensely just by reading the first chapter. I embrace the focus on living the Stoic philosophy and more.

Martha Hoax

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