Grab A Wellness Gift for Yourself This Season!

The holidays are upon us – Christmas is almost here and Hannukah / Kwanzaa are already underway! Whether you celebrate or not, the end of the year always comes with some stress. Fourth Quarter goals at work, shopping for loved ones, thoughts of your not so favorite in-laws coming over for dinner…..S T R E S S.

All of this can make it easy to feel overwhelmed – NOW is a great time to grab some goodies that will help you unwind and recenter in the midst of all this crazy! 

And just because I know you’re going to give me the whole “It’s about giving not receiving” thing let me also say……it’s totally ok to get yourself a gift while you’re shopping, you’ve worked hard this year! (And all these things are under twenty bucks anyway! 😉 )

Below are some of my favorite wellness goodies to stay sane

  • Essential Oils: You can find great quality oils in places like TJMaxx / Marshalls / Homegoods or Target for less than $10! I use oils like lavender to reduce stress, sandalwood to chill out, and Jasmine/Gardenia for something fresh & flowery to boost my spirits!
  • An Oil Diffuser: my mom got me one of these and I love it! Typically I would put essential oils straight on my skin, but this releases them subtly into the air! You can add some drops of your favorite into the water container, making your home or office smell ohm-azing. Find one on Amazon for the low.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp: in a world full of wifi, negative ions are hard to find, but you need them! Positive ions (which are BAD) emit from electromagnetic fields generated by computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. This impairs brain and immune function causing; anxiety, fatigue, headaches and irritability, among other ills. A Salt Lamp produces negative ions (which are GOOD) to wash all of that away, This is similar to the ocean, whose 100k negative ions leave you feeling refreshed! (as opposed to the 100 in your average city)
  • Herbal Teas: Peppermint, chamomile, and green tea are my go-tos to chill out when im feeling aggy. You can also look for tea blends that have herbs like Kava, passionflower, turmeric and nutmeg. Yogi tea is my fave brand, give em a look on your next trip to the grocery store and have a cup on me!
  • Yoga Mat: you don’t have to be a yoga professional or be able to stand on your head to get started. Simple stretching is so beneficial for reducing stress! I like to pull my mat out and do some easy movements like these, to shake off a bad day.

I hope these tips help you sail right through the holidays and into a beautiful New Year! If you need help getting your wellness, style or goals into high gear email me for a consultation!

Nikki Valentine 

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