How to Get Ready for 2018 NOW!

Everyone loves a good ol New Year’s resolution right? Our favorite phrase is ‘New Year, New Me” – the problem is, becoming a new version of yourself requires you to do things differently than you did the year before!

That’s where we get messed up. Being different comes from thinking differently, operating in new ways, healing from past traumas, and making new goals! It’s a whole life thing.

On Jan 1, 2017 I decided to pursue happiness. Not weight loss, not more money – happiness. I decided I would do whatever it took to get there, and I would actually invest my time and brainpower in it! These are some of the things I did, to make 2017 one of the happiest years of my life!

  1. Buy a “Happiness Planner – this might sound corny, but it’s soooo good! This beautiful agenda not only keeps you organized, but also comes with tons of tools and workbooks for you to a. Figure out what makes you happy/unhappy so you can have a clear map of activities to indulge in. It also has spaces for you to set goals, reflect on wins and losses, and amazing quotes to inspire you everyday! It has helped me put my goals on paper, and work through some limiting patterns, which have definitely made me happier this year!                                                   
  2. Read a Self Help Book (a good one) – If you’re like me, you probably scoff or laugh at the notion of self help books. But here is the thing. You need help. With yourself. So….right. Get over it, I have read several books this year that have helped revise my perspective and give me serious insight into things that are blocking me and holding me back! Check out authors in the Hay House publishing company, also Jen Sincero anything!                                                                                                  
  3. Plan some travel – even if money is an issue, plan a small trip out of town. It could be the next town over to sleep on a friends couch, or even a good Groupon for a cheap weekend blast! Getting out of your normal environment will help clear your head, and discover new ideas you may not have thought of!  This summer I did a girl’s weekend at a little beach cottage, and it costs us all about $100 per person!
  4. Start 1 spiritual practice daily – Some people overwhelm themselves by trying to turn into a ‘guru’ in 2 weeks, It is not feasible to begin doing yoga, meditation, learn everything about crystals, tarot and astrology at once. Relax. Pick one thing that helps you connect spiritually each day and do that for a month. Really get into enjoying it. For me I started with taking ‘meditative showers”. I bought special soap, candles, etc. and really made that my time to focus and refresh. Doing this consistently (because we all gotta shower) helped me to de-stress, focus and slowww down to appreciate the beauty of a regular activity. It then inspired me to add actual sitting meditation as I went further in my journey.
  5. Do a cleanse – To begin the journey of changing yourself, you must change what you do daily. A cleanse is a great way to bring focus to your daily routine and your health. Don’t over do it, as cleansing can be hard on the body. Choose a couple things to cut out for 7 days – I like to do “No meat/dairy/sweets” for about a week to 12 days. If you are starting out, maybe try no carbs/sugars for a week, or skipping red meat! Your body will feel better, and it gives your mind incredible strength.

I have done these small things this year, and watched my life change in so many awesome ways! You can make a list of your own, just make sure they are all things that will push you further in the direction of how you want to feel, live, or look!

If you need some help, email me for a consultation for a 1-1 session!

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