Stop Fear From Blocking Your Flow

Rick James once said, “Cocaine is a helluva drug”. And I say, “Fear is a sonofabish”….. Stay away from both if you can!

I’m starting to realize that living in fear is even more scary than being hooked on drugs….because the addiction is worse! Think about it, we’ve been hooked on fear longer than any of our other vices!

Let’s talk about it shall we? I came to the US at 6 years old and was thrown into life pretty quickly. I was the new kid that skipped a grade AND was the only black kid in my class. Oh….and add in the Steve Erkel glasses I wore. Sweet. Even though I was smart, kids made fun of me. Because kids are #savageAF

I made tons of friends as I grew up, but getting picked on, creates a deep fear that becomes the co-pilot of your life. It drives all of the decisions you make, and is responsible for the pile of things you haven’t done! Oh we all know this one right here –

You may not be aware of it, but fear coming from childhood tends to rear its ugly head in your life as an adult! You have great ideas, but then you tell yourself some slick, lowkey limiting beliefs that keep you from manifesting those good ideas. Ugh! Limiting beliefs are sneaky and sometimes we don’t recognize them as fear, so check out the list below and see if any of these sound like you – (Thanks Louise Hay, you called me out girl!)

  • I might fail
  • They might reject me
  • I may have to change
  • It might cost me money
  • I don’t want anyone to know I have a problem
  • I don’t have the energy
  • It’s too hard
  • I don’t have enough money to do it
  • It wouldn’t be perfect

Yeah, don’t lie…. some of those sound familiar!

See, we tell ourselves these honey bunches of crap, to keep ourselves from living our best lives. Not because we don’t want to live will, but because we are scurrrred. You see, your brain is always scanning information and ideas to see “Is it safe? Am I ok? Are we cool???”. It’s your bodies’ way of keeping you safe. That’s nature and there’s no stopping it SO it looks like we just have to be afraid and do things anyway (crap!)

Don’t worry, you’re not alone on the fear bus. A couple months ago, I did a photoshoot that I worked really hard on for this website. The photos were the furthest I have gone creatively with my styling, which I was proud of and scared at the same time! Thoughts ran through my mind like, “What will people think? Maybe they’ll think i’m too much or too vain, or they won’t get it…”

So I sat on my own creation. Out of fear. And still I sit. (That’s the remix to Maya’s “Still I Rise”). I am glad to report as I write this, I have released some of the photos! For me. And for you and anyone that goes through this struggle in real life. A few years ago I would have been too scared to even create the photos. So let us celebrate our baby steps!

The thing I had to remind myself, (and that you should too) is that ideas don’t come out of nowhere! It is the spirit aiming to express itself and it’s purpose. Let it!

People want the unique thing you have to offer, they really do.

So please don’t wait until you’re not afraid to do something. Take the leap. Marry the guy (or divorce him), take the job, put out the project, move to that city, go make more money, whatever! Just do it because the reward of facing your fear GREATLY surpasses the fear itself. #issaword




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