August Focus – How to Manifest A Beautiful Life Now!

While life is filled with a bunch of unknowns, I know two things for certain – Everyone wants to be financially abundant and everyone wants to live a beautiful life.

If you say “Aw, no those things are important to me”, I might call ya a liar. And it’s not because I don’t care about you. It’s because I do.

if you are not getting what you want, it’s because you don’t truly belive you can have it.

Most of the time this doubt isn’t even your fault. You deep beliefs about money and having good things starts early -what you see in childhood, your parents views, the things you learn from friends and what you observe in the world, all play a part.

Unfortunately, what you believe is always reflected in your personal life, so many of us only live in cycles of what we have seen!

If you’re like me you’re probably asking. How do I change things then???

This month of August has been pretty ‘Yuge’ astrologically, with two eclipses and Mercury in retrograde from August 12- September 5. (throw in that new moon in Leo too while you’re at it). There are strong energetic pulls on the planet during this time, which are causing a shift in energy.

This is the time to focus and manifest. Participate in activities that help you focus on what it is you want in life, in the next 1, 5 or 10 years. Here are some of the ways I do it:

  • Write a list: (let your brain really empty out here) jot down things, experiences, feelings, people, etc that you would like to have. Don’t worry if it sounds dumb, just put it on there! This is first step: knowing what you want.
  • Surf YouTube: for you to be able to manifest something, you have to see it and feel how nice it will be to have it! When you do this you send out thought vibrations to the Universe, kinda like putting your order in at McDonald’s! Look up videos that bring your visions to life of what you like!
  • Make a digital vision board: I have a vision board that I keep on my desk, but that’s just the problem….it sits on my desk. In this digital world, Pinterest is fabulous for making boards that you can peep on the go! I have several that I can peek at when i’m on the train to remind myself of my goals.
  • Use apps: One of my favorite apps is ‘The Secret Money App’. This is an interactive system I can use, to visualize getting/spending large sums of money (they ‘deposit’ checks in your account and then you get to spend the monneeyyy, woo!). It also comes with affirmations you can read every day. I don’t usually buy apps but it’s worth the $5!
  • Meditate: please please take time to do this. Sit down for 5-15 minutes each day in a quiet place, even if that means the bathroom. Listen to calming music if you need to, and visualize the life you want. Let yourself slip into delicious daydreaming and feel how good that life feels. Once you’re done, go on about your day because you’ve just put some super amazing fresh vibrations out there for the Universe to respond to!
  • Do a ritual: (and no I don’t mean mean evil hexes) Grab a clear quartz crystal or amethyst, a glass of water, photos of ones you love that are either here or passed on and a white candle. Set them on a small table or nightstand. Then, place your list of goals/dreams there, and read them daily. All you are doing is using the elements (water, fire, air, earth) to connect with your higher power and boost up the good thoughts you are sending out!

Enjoy this time of shift to focus on you – it isn’t selfish! If you aren’t truly fulfilled or living the life of your dreams what do you have to give other people? Some halfway stuff! So go manifest! And remember, how it’s all going to happen is none of your business. Trust a higher power for that. But the focusing? The dreaming? Do it for you, and do it for the people that love you……

xo Valentine


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