Mercury is in Retrograde – And You’ll Be Fine!

For those of you into astrology and spiritual sciences you may be aware that as of yesterday we are officially in Mercury Retrograde! If not, check out this detailed explanation of what that means here.

Basically, 4 times a year the planet Mercury speeds by Earth in orbit causing a bit of energetic "friction" if you will. This friction is usually felt by people en masse, because well, we live on Earth and anything that messes with our planetary alignment has the ability to mess with us too!

The planet Mercury rules travel, technology and communication so the Retrograde period is notorious for screwing up trips, crashing computers and causing miscommunication or fights for no reason.

While all of that is true, I think it is dangerous ground to be anything more than aware of this time. I see people all over my timeline on social media freaking out and already accepting that their lives will suck for three weeks. The problem with that is, despite any planetary shifts our minds are the most powerful contributor of our circumstances.

If you believe your life will be screwed – get ready. I prefer to focus on the benefits of Mercury Retrograde. It's a great time to recharge, rest and get in tune with yourself. Contrary to all the noise out there this can actually be a good time for you and here's why:

I say, Astrology is a good guide to show us what to avoid and what to engage in. Leave it at that. Don't add negativity to the mix in your own life, just because Ms Cleo's cousin said it's a "bad time". Now, there are a couple things you can do to help yourself out during this time:

  1. Power up with crystals like quartz, rose quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst and more. These help protect your energy field and help ward off bs!
  2. Meditate and slow down – this can be a crazy time for communication if you let it, so pay attention to the words you choose and meditate more often so you can really get to the root of issues!
  3. Check and double check – if you're making travel plans, give that list another run through. Try not to leave the house with your usual haste in the morning, give everything a once over before leaving.
  4. Positive affirmations – remember that God/the Universe is responding to your thoughts everyday, even in Retrograde. Affirm that things will go well for you!
  5. Avoid new deals/ventures/contracts/purchases – this is simple. Delay it man. Just chill for a few weeks. Trust.

Keep that head up and focused on the positive! Retrograde will be over before you know it! ❤️

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