5 Ways A Girls’ Trip Can Boost Wellness

The movie "Girl's Trip" just came out and women everywhere have been flocking to the theaters to see it! (I'm sure Kofi Siriboe has nothing to do with it right? 😉 Nostalgia sets in very quickly to see a group of girlfriends reuniting, hanging out and having a blast for the weekend – All sorts of high school/college debauchery comes to mind, making me want to start a group chat with my ladies ASAP!

* Insert daydream here about being in some lush, tropical location with your girls living it up how you like to live it up! *

Outside of this months #trending topic, a girl's trip is actually an amazing boost of confidence and encourages positivity and good mental health!. There are tons of reasons for this:

  1. It's a reminder that we have friends! – As we get older, women tend to spend more time focusing on nuclear relationships (parents, siblings, boy/girlfriends, wives/husbands, kids) making it harder to maintain friendships. (Welcome to the 30s). This can create a lack of female support, and a feeling of alienation (shown by phrases like "I don't have any friends") You have them, but seeing them reinforces that feeling!
  2.  Validation from peers - when women get together, they bond by comparison. The reason is, by sharing and comparing stories, you are able to get feedback and validation on thoughts you may have about a situation. A girl's trip is the perfect way to compare notes and get some advice from your boo's!
  3. Building trust – there is something inherent in women, that when they get together confidential information and vulnerabilities are shared. Doing exercise like sharing struggles, allows women to build trust in women in general, something that is critical for good mental health.
  4. No judgement – it's hard to be a chick. You have to worry about what you eat, how you look, how you look eating….I mean it's exhausting. And most of this is centered around men's perception of us. Being around a group of exclusively women allows us to let our hair down and breathe! Being able to dress, look, eat, speak and feel how you want to is liberating and truly a stress reliever!
  5. Positive reinforcement – We all have little voices in our heads that tell us awful things. If we put the work in, we can learn how to quiet those voices on our own. The benefit of being with other women, is that by nature we see the best in each other. Only a good girlfriend can remind you that dammit, you are hot just the way you are, and that you have nice knees, and great hair, and that we all have side rolls and back fat!

I am planning my first Goddess Beach Retreat for this month, and I am SO excited! It will be an excellent way for us ladies to gather, recharge, rest/relax and share good energy with each other! The weekend will feature:

  • Group meditation
  • Self love workshops
  • Yoga
  • Energy Cleansing work
  • Freshly prepared meals

I will be putting these retreats together in other locations in the future, drop me a line if you would like something like this in your city!

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