The Secret – How I Transformed My Mind

Do you ever feel like you play by all the rules and still get screwed? Sucks doesn't it?

What if doing the right things isn't enough? What if you have to think the right things too?

All of my life, I tried my hardest to do the 'right' thing. I was a Girl Scout, sang in the choir, listened to my mom… all the things you're supposed to do. Straight A's blah blah. I had an ok life, but I often felt like I was missing out on all the fun and happiness.

In my 20's I was a young woman on the move!-living by myself, working full-time as a banker and spending all of the rest of my time running a Fashion PR business.

Even though I set about doing positive things, I was being cheated on, dumped a couple times, losing money, clients and having 💩 spoken about me in the streets. To top it all of my health fell apart and I was diagnosed with PCOS! All of these trials had me on my knees crying many a-night because I couldn't understand how it could be that I was such a "good girl" but my life was falling to shit! Come on Jesus, where ya at? I was throwing up prayers and some some bs was coming down!

why tho.gif

This left me very confused, but I limped along in faith. Even still, I always had an internal struggle – why should I have to live a 'poor' life and deal with a bunch of problems, when I was a good person? Wtf? Scroll forward a few years, I moved to NYC and went through even more of an uphill climb. Grad school, being broke, working crap jobs, using food stamps….scratchin' and survivin' good times.

Going through it' made me realize one day that I needed to figure out how to improve my own life and fast! I knew at the very least that I was brought to this planet for way more than this!


About 3 years into living in New York, I stumbled upon a YouTube video by Esther Hicks. She had a weird little voice and accent, and claimed to be a channeler of infinite knowledge (huh?) but once I got past the cooky stuff I didn't know about yet….she was really onto something!

I watched a bunch of her videos and she kept talking about the "Law of Attraction" and "Energy" or "Source energy".  At first, I was like….'Watcha talking about lady????

Her videos sent me down a rabbit hole of reading books, watching videos and talking to other people that had heard about this. It slowly set in why things weren't going well for me – IT WAS MY OWN THOUGHTS! All this time, I was praying and going to church, trying and hoping, but I still had limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that cancelled out my desires of positive things! I was known for saying things like "I just have bad luck" or "I'm just gettin' by, you know how it is". I was literally attracting the crap to myself! I had to learn the below secrets, to shift my mindset –


new rules .jpg

Learning the new rules, I set about doing all the corny journaling, affirmations, etc I found online to help actively change my mind. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones literally changed my life within the course of a year. I finished grad school top of my class, moved from a crappy neighbourhood to a high rise, got an amazing job with promotions being thrown my way, got engaged, and have been able to travel and indulge in creative projects! How Sway??? I say none of that to brag…it doesn't even make sense to me some days!!! It simply proves that this entire time my mind and thoughts were keeping me in struggle! Aghhhhh!!!

In the past few years my Spiritual life has exploded and the internal transformation has been amazing! Things still happen in life that I don't love, but I now know those are small things and that I have control over how I react and think about them!

What is important, is connecting to what's real – we are powerful creators that can control our lives through focusing our mind.

So I say all of this to say, always remain aware that your thoughts create your life - nothing else. The responsibility and the joy of creation are on you! Set deliberate intentions of what you want, and keep pushing til' you see the life you have always desired!


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