Queens! Put On Your Crowns!

You would need to live underneath an actual rock if to avoid the phrase “Yasss queen yasssss!”. There has been an amazing movement in the last few years of women reclaiming their divine feminine power and identifying with the archetype of a queen.

I personally love it. It doesn’t stand for actual royalty or being better than another woman or person to me. “New Age Queenhood” actually represents empowerment and seeing yourself in an elevated, sacred way. The idea is to put on your invisible crown everyday and carry yourself in the way a Queen would – with style, class and grace.

The other point I feel is SO important right now, is taking back the power of being "crowned" from men. We should not wait to be chosen so we can feel worthy – we are worthy based on our own merit! Crowning yourself then means you see your OWN worth, without anyone giving it to you!

Of course, i’m a literal person and needed to have an actual crown to make it real. Hah. (I told ya’ll i’m extra so just get ready for the style-craziness to increase!).

My headpiece obsession goes way back, but as far as crowns go I’ve always been inspired by Jughead, Where the Wild Things Are, Miss Universe and recent RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Velour. I took to Google and found out that hot damn Sam you can order a crown for $21! In true NYC style, I told Amazon “say no more fam” and copped one straight away.

This may sounds corny, but wearing it brought back the feeling we had as little girls during Halloween when you chose (obviously) to be a princess. It reminded me of how I wished everyone could have been Homecoming queen in high school so we could all get the sick headpiece.

Thanks to Amazon.com now we can all have one! Even if you don't ever buy an actual crown, ladies make sure you don your invisible one every single day.

Tell yourself- "I am a woman, a divine feminine creature, and a gem. I am a jewel, deserving of the crown itself!

My mission is to help every woman I know (or don’t know) hold their head up like royalty, like you are really wearing the crown. And hell, if you need a literal boost, go order one for yourself!

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