Mind Blowing Art in Spain

I am a huge art head and I love every form – painting, sculpture, graffiti, mixed media you name it! Visiting Spain this summer was an amazing experience, but my favorite part was definitely the art!

Murals and graffiti cover many of the city buildings and walls, making it a real life gallery! It was interesting to me that most of it was creative, but several politically inspired pieces were around too. I feel that art tells the story of a place, and clearly there is more to Spain that meets the eye.

Check out some of my favorite works below!

This walkway stretches at least a mile, filled up with technicolor graffiti – sick!

Tattoo art is my favorite kind, I stopped through Alta Escuela Tattoo Shop and got blessed by artist Hesu P! 

Walking through random side streets was both a surprise and a treat, can you believe these murals??? 

….and the goodness keeps on going!

I couldn’t leave without hitting up a few museums too, Jorge Rando and Picasso were my absolute favorites! 

Where is your favorite art spot to visit? Drop some comments below!

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