I did a 12 Day Cleanse – Here’s What Happened

A month ago, I took a trip to Malaga, Spain for the wedding of a close college friend. While I was there, I was shocked to find that their diet is completely different from what we are used to in the US. I couldn’t find more than 3 soda options in each store and water, juices/tea were the main options. Snacks, even from US-based brands were lighter and much more healthfully made…..WTF?!??!

Inadvertently, eating this way for a week prepared me for a cleanse I have been wanting to do anyway! I had been feeling sluggish, slightly bloated and in need of a restart. After some thought I realized a cleanse is the perfect way to kick feel-bad symptoms to the curb! 

Inspired by natural food gurus like Dr. Sebi, Dr. Llaila Afrika, Queen Afua and more, I decided to ‘go vegan’ for 12 days! That means….

I gave up dairy, fish/seafood, processed and junk foods for 12 days and it felt so good!

The experience surprised me, because it was a roller coaster full of ups and downs! The process entailed more than just physical changes, I definitely felt the cleansing going through my whole life! Here’s what happened:

  1. My skin broke out! – I didn’t anticipate that *gasp* I would get pimples during this whole cleanse thing! I usually don’t have acne issues, but during the first few days I got several bumps on my forehead and cheeks. I found out this was from toxins being released from my system, and making their way out on my face! It cleared up after about 6 days, but sheeesh those first few!
  2. It felt exhausting, but that was my fault – It took me a couple days to figure out that if you cut out bad foods, you must double up on the good foods! I kept eating the amount I usually do, and felt like I was going to pass out ya’ll! It turns out the trick is to do twice the veggies/fruits, and also make your juices/smoothies XL size!
  3. Lots of cooking is required – Fast and healthy do not go together, just going to pop that bubble right now! Almost all of the smoothies and juices found in stores have added sugars 🙁 and most places you order food from add tons of salt/oil/icky stuff included! I did lots more food prep, cooking and juicing during this cleanse, but it felt great to turn out healthy stuff from my own kitchen!
  4. Vegans are creative! – Not being able to rely on seafood for protein or junk food when I felt hungry made me dream up some new recipes that i’ve never tried before!
  5. Your mind will get cleansed too – during these 12 days, I felt led to do a lot more reading, resting and take small steps towards my goals. It’s like my mind got a detox, and things became a little crisper for me!

I broke my fast by going to a family BBQ, but that only entailed a little seafood salad! It’s surprising to me that I haven’t felt compelled to go back to eating the way I used to. The candy drawer at my job has finally lost it’s luster, and my dairy craving has gone! As much as I love salmon and seafood, I don’t want to go back to eating flesh at all now, because I feel much lighter and cleaner!

I’m not saying I will be Vegan for life, but I would love to work towards that. After all, long life is guaranteed by what you do with it! If you are trying to transform your eating and need some tips or encouragement, follow me on IG @inikkivalentine or email me to join my private FB group! xo

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