Why You Should Write a “Happiness To Do List”

I ask people two very simple questions all the time, and find myself throwing my hands in the air a la Kanye shocked that they “don’t have the answers!”. And it’s not because i’m a jerk,  I promise.

The two questions are – “What do you want out of life?” and “What makes you happy?”. You would be surprised that most people do not know their own answers to these questions……bruh it’s about YOUR LIFE! Now, I can’t go storming the castle, because I haven’t always been clear myself in these areas either.

Most of us are so busy in survival mode, trying to finish school, or make it to the job or take care of the kids that we don’t have time (ahem, make time) to consider what we really want. Sadly, that is the number one blocker to getting what you want!

Think about it, if you say you want to travel, but you have no idea what countries you want to go to…..where ya goin’? Nowhere! If I say I want a man, but I don’t know any qualities that attract me i’ll just end up with anything. Literally. (By the way ladies “I don’t have a type” is golden music to a fuckboy’s ears).

After finally getting to a stable point in my life a couple years ago, I looked around and realized I wasn’t really happy! I set about figuring out what that looked like, and i’m finding the clearer I get on what makes me happy, the more I do those things and (woah) the happier I feel!

You may remember my post about the Happiness Planner (if not check it out here), and how I am using it to gain clarity on what a happy, successful life looks like. It has realllllllly helped me in 2017 and here’s how!

One of the exercises that helped me is to write down a list of 5 things that make me happy. Then you think about how often you actually do those things, and set goals to do 1 thing that makes you happy each week!

Here’s what my “Happy” list looked like:

  1. Art (seeing it, creating it and sharing it with people)
  2. Styling
  3. Wellness and helping others
  4. The beach
  5. Travel

I was surprised to see some of the things once I wrote them down but it gave me a clear view of what I needed to get back into doing. This list has helped shape the last 6 months of my life for real for real! I realized that happiness is an active word, not a passive state of being. You need to seek happiness!

Motivated by my list, I knocked out a couple things this year so far that have made me super happy! I threw my first Sip n Paint at my house this Spring, sharing my love of art with others! I also took an amazing trip to Spain, wherein I got to soak up a (topless) beach and take in a ton of art! I styled my bestie and gave her a mommy makeover, which made me so hype I couldn’t tell which of us was happier about it! I also enrolled in a certification course to become a Lifestyle & Wellness coach, which I am also thrilled about and I haven’t even started!

I don’t list these things of to brag, I tell you this to encourage you. Perhaps Jen Sincero can sum it up better than I can –

“When you level up your idea of what’s possible, and decide to really go for it, you open yourself up to the means to accomplish it as well”.

So make your list, read it twice and go get happy!

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