Grab a NutriBullet to Kick Off Your Summer Body

If you follow me on IG or Facebook, you know that I started a cleanse 8 days ago which means – no fish/seafood, no dairy or processed foods. 

This is a change for me because I have been pescatarian for the past three years. This year I realized that even though this is a good diet to follow, most of the time you still rely on fish and seafood for calories. Truly, flesh should not be our source of nutrition because it’s limited. Getting in the right amount of fruits and vegetables daily is super important as well as avoiding bullshit foods, so I decided to take it to the next level!

Smoothies are a great way to help get in your daily serving of fruits and vegetables! 

WARNING – this article is about making your own smoothies! Beware of pre-made smoothies, because they are basically blended Kool Aid. I used to love Naked Smoothies, until I read the label. Over 50 grams of sugar in each. Wahhhh these drinks won’t help your health, they’ll make it worse! (same deal with listed options at Planet Smoothie and Jamba Juice).

When I started on my health journey 3 years ago, I saw a couple over enthusiastic commercials late one night about the NutriBullet that sparked my interest. The system seemed simple enough – supposedly you just cut up some fruits, throw in some greens, liquid of some kind, ice and blend? And lose weight? Hmmmm, I thought….”Seems fruity and easy…..i’m in”

You might be thinking; “I could just use my blender, duh. Same thing”. I thought that too until doing more research. Apparently, the NutriBullet does “Nutrient Extraction” instead of simple blending.

Nutrient extraction breaks down fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds & other plant foods to their most absorbable state. Unlike blenders, the NutriBullet breaks down fibrous plant foods, releasing vitamins and minerals within!

I was pretty shocked to ask around and confirm that making smoothies this way allows you to get the highest degree of nutrition in food, on the go. With all the Googling and asking around complete, I hopped on and ordered one!

I was pleased to find that the box came with everything I needed to get started like a pro:

  • Nutribullet extractor (the main event)
  • Several cups to use (short, tall) including lids!
  • Information/recipe book
  • Handy carry bag!
  • It also came with an insert, noting links to their websites and online community

I immediately curled up with the Recipe book to see what you can make with this thing and was amazed. Not only can you make smoothies, but you can make vegan milkshakes, sauces, hummus and soups! Check out an additional recipe website chocked full of goodies. If you’re more of a mobile guy/gal, they also have apps!

This machine was truly the start of my health journey, and it has made weight loss and plant medicine so much easier! I am totally here to help you as you go down this path, email me if you have any questions or leave a comment below! xo


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