Summer Solstice – A Time for Cleansing!

It’s the first day of summer! I am so excited for good weather and tons of sun for the next few months I could do a dance! Today is more important than the prospect of good beach days though – it is the Summer Solstice. Some call it the longest day of the year, but there is much more spiritual meaning to it…..

summer-solstice-celebration explains it beautifully- [Summer Solstice is] “the annual journey of the sun is symbolic of the journey of enlightenment. Ancient peoples expressed this wisdom according to their time and culture, yet their sacred teachings and symbols share many similarities because they are based on universal principles common to all life. This is why the Christ, the spiritual Son, or solar hero, was born at the winter solstice, and died and resurrected at the spring equinox in sacred myths throughout the world. This resurrection is followed by the ascension, which is represented by the summer solstice.”

It also happens to be the day you can see the sun perfectly through Stonehenge!


Now is a time to resurrect – your health, peace of mind and lifestyle! One of the most important things you can do during this time, to help you rise to your highest self is to detoxify and cleanse yourself. This will allow your mind, body and spirit to come into alignment and shed negative substances, thoughts, foods and chemicals from your person.  I will be posting a lot of content on how to keep going on this path, but for now here are a few great ways you can detox naturally!

  1. Add Lemons – these tiny happy little fruits are powerful in cleaning your body. I use lemons in several ways. Start your day by squeezing a lemon into a cup of warm water of herbal tea. Continue by squeezing another lemon into a water bottle of cold water and drink this throughout the day.
  2. Add Grapefruit/Oranges – citrus fruits help to clear mucus out of the body, which is the root of all disease. Juice these fruits together and drink each morning for 7 days to clear your body of mucus. Warning: a whole grapefruit has 16 grams of sugar and two oranges have 18 grams of sugar so be sure to cut your juice blend with water to keep your blood sugar in check!
  3. Cut processed drinks – giving up sodas and bottled juices is a really fast way to detox. We take in so many chemicals and sugars by sipping that replacing them with water will give you quick results! (Tip: add some fruits to your water and let it steep to add some flavor!)
  4. Increase water intake – water is the foundation of our body and does an amazing job of clearing out all the icky stuff in our system! Drink between 8-9 cups daily to flush your system out, it will make you feel great from head to toe!
  5. Avoid heavy meats – while you are cleansing avoid beef, pork, chicken, lamb or veal. Our bodies are not designed to digest meat very well, and it typically stays in your system anywhere from 30-45 days! It can be hard to cut meat completely, so eat turkey and fish instead!

I wish you well on your journey towards being healthy, happy and enlightened! I am here to support so please comment with questions or recipes to share!

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