How I Learned To Be Body Positive on the Mediterranean 

Being from an island, I feel the most comfortable in my natural elements – mango in hand, on the beach, barefoot with messy hair.

Even though I’m not new to the beach scene, I am still a woman and a personEveryone (unless you are super ripped, or fresh off the surgeon’s table) feels some type of reservation, or dare I say shame about their body when you hit the beach.

We may take that to be normal, but it shouldn’t be this way!

Going to the beach means letting it all hang out, for the sake of good sunshine and waves. For most of us though, it comes with a sobering review of your health and fitness regiment and a little body shame right? It feels so blessed to say that I just returned from a trip to Malaga, Spain and my heart feels super full of self love! I never thought a trip to another country, let alone beach would teach me the true meaning of body positivity, but it really has!

My fiancee and I always get in our beach days when traveling, so we headed to Playa de la Caleta for our first one in Spain. We were so busy purchasing and setting up our little beach lounge area that it took us 15 minutes to notice that all the women were topless! I poked him and said “are you seeing this????”. He looked completely un-phased and said “Yup, seems pretty free out here”. (love him)

I was in disbelief even though I had heard this about European beaches. The topless part is not what threw me off though. I have breasts, all women have them big deal. What really shocked me, is that the privilege was not reserved for skinny women, or even women with “perfect” bodies. There were women young and old, large and small, with every kind of body and breast shape you could imagine, chillin’ topless living their lives!

Not only did they feel comfortable enough to bare it all, no-one around them made a spectacle of it or gave it any attention! It was then that I understood what Esther Hicks has been saying this entire time – “We are SO much more than our physical bodies”. Our spirits, our need to feel free, our sense of adventure, those are the things that matter. Our bodies are just flesh bags to carry our spirits around, ya feel me ?!

Being on that beach inspired me to go topless myself, and really just give myself a handclap for my body however it appeared right then. Not when I lose 5 pounds, not when this or that looks better. Now. I realized that is the true meaning of being body positive – feeling good about who you are and what your body looks like right now! Celebrating your body, dressing it up or baring it all, simply because you love it that much! Seeing people really live this way, and not doing it for the ‘gram, inspired me so much. It made me want to give myself the freedom to love my body, myself and just enjoy life without all the damn baggage we carry around about it!

Thank you to every single lady and man that strutted your stuff on those beaches, you have truly helped set me free!!

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