A Plant Based Diet Saved My Life! – How I Lost 30lbs

Blood Work Tells the Tale

Three years ago, I felt overweight, unhealthy, un-pretty, and my knees hurt. Don’t laugh at that last part, my knees shouldn’t have been hurting in my 20’s! I decided to face the music and find out how bad my little health predicament was, even though my jeans told me everything…..I had weight to lose and it needed to go ASAP!

I got a full physical exam, including blood work as my first stop (which I highly suggest) and the results were scary. At 27 years old my cholesterol and blood sugar were through the roof! My hormones were totally imbalanced, I had ovarian cysts and the worst of all I weighed 175lbs for a tiny woman of 5 foot 2!

That just wouldn’t do. Not because of the number, but because of how I felt…..like shit if you were wondering. My doctor at the time told me I needed to “lose weight”, without giving me any tips on how to do it. I came home even more depressed and hopeless, having all the facts in black and white.

It Started As a Trial for Lent….

I knew exercise alone hadn’t been giving me results , but I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t think my diet was that bad, but it had obviously led me to this slump. A couple of weeks after this doctor’s visit, Lent was due to begin. As a last resort, my fiance randomly offered “what if we stopped eating meat for lent?”

I looked at him like he had three heads. For real. Did he remember that I’m Jamaican???? I eventually came around because, as much as I loved curry goat, beef patties, oxtail, etc, I really wanted to be healthy more. So I decided to try it. An amended version. 40 days with no meat would be an aggressive start and a setup for failure. What was I supposed to eat, lettuce sandwiches? We instead used Lent to stop eating processed foods along with cows, pigs & chickens. (You start to see them as whole animals once you stop eating them, a nice bonus)

healthy replacements

The one thing that trips people up about a diet change is not having a plan or cutting out so many foods that you end up starving! After a ton of research, we made a pretty comprehensive ‘starter plan’:

  • No cows, pigs or chickens (turkey is ok to start)
  • Absolutely no bread, rice, pasta or heavy carbs
  • Make 2 smoothies per day to get in fruits, vegetables & supplements
  • Dinner and lunch should consist of at least 2 vegetables and a protein
  • Have at least three small bottles of water per day

Results, Results, Results

I was shocked at how quickly I lost weight. I mean really. Pounds were falling off week after week, and I hadn’t even started working out! I had always heard the phrase “80% of health is diet” but I really didn’t believe it until trying it for myself. I never even lost weight that fast in the gym! I figured out that even though my meals were not horrible, they were not giving me nutrition. They were simply giving me things my body could not process.

It took about 4 months for all 30 pounds to drop off, and that was only the beginning of the journey. I had to regain my flexibility, aerobic and muscle strength and tighten up this loose skin!

can say though, I feel better than I ever have in my life. I’m not quivering with shame every New Year’s resolving to lose weight this time. I don’t have to crash diet every summer. Changing my diet also made me care about myself more as a whole, and do away with the “who cares” weight and attitude that kept me down for so long! Check out this old pic of me for proof (<<<<)

Hit me up with any questions, or if you just need some support! Link with me on social media for more tidbits and goodies to help you on your journey!! xo




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