Why Money Without Purpose Kind Of Sucks

Each and every one of us is here for a reason. Yea yea, you’ve heard this before. I get it. But it’s true. We don’t just show up, cry, party and die. There is a purpose for our existence.

We scroll through Instagram staring at photos of other people who seem to have found their purpose, like “Must be nice, but fuck them!” (y’all think it, i’m just bold enough to type it!). You know the ones: always traveling, making tons of money doing what they please and buying all the stuff you wish you had. Sucks huh?

After a while, we either give up seeking our own dream life, or try to chase the money and material things we see in other people’s. I’m not here to judge that, because I did it. I plowed through my 20s laser focused on making it because I thought things would make me feel complete. They really didn’t.

My life felt empty, and I felt confused and off course. The thing is, getting money and ‘things’ without living your purpose just makes you a salty person with a good paycheck. #thatsthegag

As humans, we are wired to seek deeper meaning. If you have tons of money to party, but no-one to go with how does it feel? Pretty crappy right?… because it won’t mean anything! The same goes for your life’s work. If you make tons of money, but you hate what you do to get it, or that job isn’t helping you live your purpose….what’s the point!

We expend a ton of energy to make money. There’s nothing wrong with that, because it’s a key tool in life.  Just make sure you are not settling for money + misery! This is why many celebrities end up going down a slippery slope. They get all the money, but none of the meaning so what to do what to do? Pop pills, drink, party, etc….you got it.

Instead, spend some quiet time to brainstorm what it is you naturally love to do and are good at. Think of things you loved as a kid, or that come easily to you!

(My example is below)

– Styling myself and others

– Coaching others and provide spiritual guidance

– Painting/drawing

– Traveling to new places

Here’s the thing about my list. None of the items on it relate to my day job. That however, doesn’t stop me from pursuing any or all of these passions. I coach people in my off time, and love taking on styling projects whenever I can! (Blogging has really helped scratch that itch.) Though I was a little nervous to do it, I just had a sip n paint at my house to share my love of art! Doing these things even part time, has made me feel more fulfilled than I have in years! It finally feels like i’m #livingonpurpose

With that being said, go spend some time DOING the things you love to do, because a life lived with purpose is way better than one lived without it! If you’re having a hard time discovering what it is, contact me for a session! xo



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