5 Ways to Glam Up Your House

I believe your living space should be your sanctuary – a space where you can relax, rest & recharge after doing whatever you do! 

A lot of how we feel in our house depends on how it looks. If your space is visually appealing, you will enjoy being home much more! Start with keeping things clean and tidy of course, so energy can flow through. 

Once you’ve done that you can move on to making it look pretty! Hurrah! 

These little hacks have helped me turn my apartment into my own little Goddess palace and I hope they can inspire you to do the same! 

  • Living Room Display – Use an angled bookshelf to display cute knock knacks, photos and books. 

Target $50-$69.99 

  • Flowers – whether real or faux, flowers add such a gorgeous touch to a home. I have fake orchids in my living room and they look so realistic/fab all year long!

Lightinthebox.com $5.99-15.00 

  • Plants – adding oxygen to the home will make you feel better, but also give a tropical vibe to any space! 

Home Depot $10-20.00 

  • Art – a little color and artistic expression brings great energy to your home…it also makes you look cultured and all that LOL

Art.com Memorial Day Sale 70% off 

  • Rugs – add a chic rug to any room for a lil glo up. I love faux fur anywhere in the house to make it look more rich. 

Target.com $15-50.00 

Happy flanking! Send me pics of your luxe home DIYs for a feature on my IG @inikkivalentine 


  1. Valerie

    Super cute ideas! I love the way plants transform a room. 😍 And art!! I have such a love/hate relationship with buying art…i either find nothing I want or I need every piece! 😄

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