4 Ways to Drown Out Dream-Crushers

I have spoken to two people in the last two days who are dealing with “dreamcrushers”. I’ll be honest, hearing about folks like this makes me a little mad, but I choose to channel that energy into helping others deal with this type of situation.

You can love someone or like them, but this does not give them a free license to crush your hopes and dreams. If someone truly loves you, they will want to see you win – even if that means giving you the space to do something they don’t agree with or think is a good idea. Love is not control, it is being open to allow others to pursue the best, happiest version of yourself.

I moved to NYC 6 years ago, after much hemming and hawing, anxiety, fear, and lot’s of “you’re crazy why would you do that???” from other people. It hurt me that some of the people I loved the most, could not see my vision. I felt like they didn’t believe in me, and it truly hurt. It also led me to delay moving here for 2 whole years!  I was so busy buying into everyone else’s bs, that I lost confidence in the dreams I had for myself.

After a while I had to snap out of it and realize four things:

  1. You cannot make people see you vision. Your brain is unique, so trust your own vision and great ideas even when others don’t see it.
  2. You cannot make people believe in you! They either will or they won’t…..(see point number 4)
  3. Believe in yourself  and stop seeking validation from outside. If you depend on others to make you feel good or solid in yourself, you are at their mercy for self-esteem!
  4. Get away from those damn haters! Go where the love is.

I am so glad I listened to myself and made the move. I am now with the love of my life, after both of us powering through 3 years of long-distance relationships. I have found an exciting career path and am on my journey to expressing all of my talents and skills, to be my happiest me!

I encourage you to go for it, whatever IT is for you. Please feel free to comment or reach out to me for support, questions or advice! xo

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