Living Loud & in Color 

It is so easy, and so comfortable to hide ourselves and our gifts from the world. Technology makes it so simple we allow our true selves to disappear, though we are visible online. 

I love that TS Madison says “Loud, live and in color” at the beginning of every video, because that’s the best way to live! Allowing yourself to be seen and heard, even if it’s not perfect. 

Step out of the shadows, because your humanness alone means you deserve to be seen! 

I’ve been struggling with this myself and recently turned a corner. The realization that helped me get there was that no one is the same and that is the beauty of our Universe. Our so-called imperfections make us unique and give us our unique purpose and perspective! 

Step out this week and let your colors show! 

  • Vest – Another Story
  • Dress – thrifted 
  • Flats – Dream Pairs

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