Hook Up a Hot Bath to Clear Negative Energy

By the end of the week, I just want to crawl up into bed and nap. While rest is good, and vital for your health and wellness, sometimes what you need is to detox all of the crazy stress and energy you have absorbed during the week.

We have 7 chakras, or energy centers in our body that allow energy to flow. Negative energy you take in all week, sits in these chakras and can start to block them. When any of them are blocked, we start to breakdown and become ill.

One great way to keep these chakras open and unblocked, is to take detox baths. I know you fellas only think women take baths, but you can get in on this too and you should! Bath houses in ancient times were predominantly for men, to do just that.

While hot water feels great, you will want to add a few things to make sure you are actually clearing out that negative energy. Here are a couple go-to items I add to a bath:

  • Himalayan or Sea salt – these have been used for ages to detox and create balance of positive/negative ions in the body
  • Lavender oil – a couple drops in the bath smell amazing and are proven to lower stress levels in the brain
  • Baking soda – as clean as it makes your clothes it can clean your insides too!
  • Herbs – Rosemary, rose petals, peppermint leaf or chamomile are some good ones. Can’t find the herbs? Bust open a tea bag and drop em in!

Do this every one to two weeks, to ensure things don’t build up and make you feel crappy!

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