Play Dress Up, Free Your Spirit

Do you stumble with one eye open through your closet every morning and throw together an outfit? If so, you’re probably tired and on autopilot. Or you don’t have the energy / tools to address your image. 

I don’t blame you, but wouldn’t you rather have fun getting dressed than blindly putting your leg in the wrong hole of jeans that make you feel like you’re fat anyway? Sure you would. 

Wouldn’t you rather feel like a superhero version of yourself blessing the people with your flava??? You would. 

Think back to when we were kids and enjoyed playing dress up. We liked trying on different clothes, accessories and personas, feeling pretty confident about the odd items we put together. 

Then we grew up. And started giving too much of a fvck about what other people think. Or gave up on looking good altogether. Or got stuck not knowing what to do next.

Here’s a thought 💭 💭 💭 Why don’t we go back to the old days? Of throwing on some shades, a funny hat and a string of pearls and stepping out to slay life? Putting on that suit even if it’s wayyy outside your comfort zone, or that pair of shoes you secretly like. 
What I’m saying is, quit playing it so safe, take a baby step (or a big one) to look good, mainly so that you can FEEL good and increase confidence! I truly don’t get dressed for anyone else. When I put myself together and play dress up, I feel amazing and like I can finesse all of life with ease! I encourage you to give it a go. 

Need help? Email me to setup a Personal Style Consultation and we can werk it out! 😍

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