6 Ways to Feel Amazing This Week

For most people, the week is spent working and taking care of to do’s. More often than not we end up at the bottom of the list and run down as a result. Wellness consists of 6 elements, which unfortunately are not taught in school. We only know a couple pieces of the wellness pie, and therefore end up fucking starving no matter how well we ‘eat’!

The 6 factors of wellness are – Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Occupational and Spiritual.

If we really boil it down we only focus on the Occupational, Social and maaaaybe Physical elements. The other three factors get zero love. The reason? An avalanche of excuses like “I work too much, i’m too busy, I have kids, I don’t have the money”.  The truth is that like anything else, where there is a will, there’s a way.

Think about it – if you only spend your time working on your career, social life and physical body you will end up like I did – paid, laid, snatched and miserable! I got to that point once I reached all of my surface level goals last year. I should have been thrilled, but I felt extremely empty inside and unhappy. Then it finally hit me: I’d only been working on 3 out of 6 parts of my own wellness! Meaning I basically earned a 50% in wellness…..as in an F.  Once I realized this, I set out on a mission to get it together holistically! It took me a while, but I’ve learned some easy things you can do each week, to make sure you are balanced and feeling great inside!

  1. Move Your body and Eat Well  – Spend 15-20 minutes a week turnin’ up in your house to your favorite music! It not only burns calories, but also gets endorphins flowing and your chakras open to let good energy flow! Reward that effort by drinking water with lemon, and a nice salad. I promise you, if you start off with one day a week, you’ll feel so good it will become a habit!
  2. Spend Some Time Meditating or Writing – You don’t have to be a writer or a yogi to do either of these things. Carve out some quiet time to think about things like “How do I feel this week? Why?” “What can I do differently to feel better?” “What goals would I like to meet this week?” “How can I get there?”. I do a 10 minute walk around the block and quiet time before bed. For some meditate works, and for others writing things down works best…pick one and tap in!
  3. Read a Damn Book! – I don’t care if you like paper, kindle or iBooks…find a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about or one you like and grab a cheap book from your local bookstore or Amazon. Try to read 15-20 minutes a week because it keeps your mind and vocab sharp, besides being a great way to relieve stress. Even if you read news articles for 20 minutes a week, you’ll be better off for it!
  4. Get Together With a Friend – Social media tricks us into thinking we are being social by giving likes and double tapping. That.doesn’t.count. True social interaction is super important for personal development, so call a friend, grab a brunch,  and go to drinks with those co-workers you keep turning down!
  5. Get Your Side Hustle On! – Ok. We all work. Whether you have a 9-5 or not, we all do something for money. Outside of that make sure you are also using and expressing your talents. If you love art, doodle or paint a little on your downtime or with your kids. If you’re a writer, pop open your notes app and jot down a quick idea. If you like singing as I do, set aside some time to belt it out with your favorite music. If you’re a blogger, sit down and crank out some posts! The more you invest time in your skills outside of work, the more fulfilled you will feel!
  6. Get in Tune – I want to be clear that spirituality does not equal religion. I don’t discuss religion here. Ever. (or Politics for that matter). Spirituality involves knowledge of true self, knowledge of the universe / nature and practices for spiritual growth. SO now that we’re clear on that…take a few minutes to do one of the following (pick ya flava!) – pray, meditate, be in nature, use crystals, YouTube deep questions that make people look at you funny when you ask…anything that allows you to feel in tune with a higher Source.

Remember, if you spend 15 minutes at each of these things, that’s only an hour and a half out of your entire week, and that’s not so bad right?! Well worth it to feel awesome!


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