5 Style Hacks for Busy People

Adulting nowadays is a very “on the go” situation. Between working, a social life, social media, side projects, and calling your mom, sometimes you have nothing left to put together a fly outfit am I right?!

Even though you may not have much time, looking good makes you feel good, so don’t put your image on the backburner! Here are 5 style hacks that keep me fly on a tight schedule:

  1. A great pair of sneakers
  2. A dope pair of Sunglasses
  3. Simple Gold jewelry
  4. A good leather jacket
  5. A cute mini wallet with room for keys!

As much as I live for the fashion extravaganza, sometimes ya just wanna grab the essentials and ‘be out’ am I right? Make sure you invest in these 5 things and no-one will even notice your sweatpants and slight adult anxiety!

Stylist tip: Even if you’re in shape, throw on a pair of lightweight spanx under your dresses to create a super smooth look, no waist trainer required!
  • Scarf and Top – thrifed
  • Sunglasses – Flycatcha collection
  • Dress – Marshalls
  • Pink Leather Jacket – Wilson’s Leather
  • Shoes – Puma

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