Plan to be Happy in 2017

I hate to start off like this but most of us only look good on the outside. Let me clear that up. What I mean is, we have more ‘stuff’ than ever to improve our lives and our looks. Living in a filtered photoshop world also makes us focus on the skin, not the guts of life. I mean, when was the last time you asked yourself “Am I happy?”. Even better, when was the last time you actually thought about the answer?

After grinding for years to “make it” and “feel secure” I finally got there only to realize that I wasn’t happy! I had finally gotten my career and coins together, landed the high rise Manhattan apartment, got engaged, cracked the secret code to fleeky brows…only to find myself in a pool of tears the week before my 30th birthday wailing “What is it all FOR?????” (true story). I mean dang, all of this and I still wasn’t happy?!?!?! What the hell??

That was one of the lowest moments of my life, to realize all the superficial stuff I worked so hard for didn’t really bring happiness at all. Ugh! Boo! Determined to rise above this empty feeling I started to read self help books like “You are a Badass” and “The Subtle Art of now Giving a Fuck”. I needed a slap in the face and a clear guide on how to get out of my unhappy hole. Those helped a ton but I needed a way to keep myself accountable on this little journey – in slides the Universe right on time once again with the Happiness Planner! 


I am already slightly OCD and love a good planner, so imagine my thrill when I found one to not only organize me…but help me get happy too! 😻😻 This gorgeous piece of something has your typical plannery things – calendars, to do lists, space for notes BUT it also comes with a ton of fancy gold tone extras like a pen, binder clips and paper clips that make it feel super luxe!

The most important part for me are the self help sheets and workbooks that force you to dig into yourself and “do the work” as Iyanla would say!


happinessplanner inside work

Some of these lists were hard to write but I have to tell you after 4 months of continuous usage and work on myself I’m actually feeling happier! – and not in the hokey I’m fake happy way… I have now rediscovered what truly makes me feel good and am now running towards those things! I think that alone is worth the $64 bucks so cop one today at and get your happy in motion!

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