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Nikki Valentine

I know exactly how it feels to be stuck. To be so stuck, so blocked in the mind that it turns into illness and a hum-drum life. I know how it feels to settle – to live with things because it’s “good enough”. This mentality created a pattern of pain, poor finances, emotional wounds, bad health and messed up relationships in my life. I was so busy taking action – trying to do all the right things that I ended up treading water and getting nowhere! Know the feeling?

After spending enough time on a painful and challenging personal journey, I decided that I deserved better. I developed a thirst to be truly happy  to live authentically & manifest the amazing life, that I had always dreamed of! 

That meant admitting to myself that I wasn’t happy with certain areas of my life. So much so that it was hurting me deeply. The first step was identifying what was wrong and what I actually wanted out of life. The second step was learning powerful spiritual truths and principles that allowed me to reset my mind, heal some of my biggest energetic blockages and tap into my power to manifest. Third, I learned how to practice self care and raise my vibration to receive  all this awesome! 

The holistic transformation & healing that have come out of this process has humbled, invigorated and empowered me to help you do the same thing. I AM the creator of all good in my life and I want you to be too. Namaste.

get unblocked & move forward

All the things that hurt you, challenge you or keep you from moving forward begin in your mind. I will work with you to get to the root of the matter and clear out patterns that created your current situation. 

live the life you desire

Much like fashionistas do, you will learn how to carve out the style of your life. Meaning, how you want to feel, live, look, work & play. It’s time to quit living passively, and become a #lifestylist 

increase self love

Self love is the foundation of your being that allows you to experience peace, joy and the physical manifestations of the things you desire & think about. Learn how to practice and improve self love to raise your vibration to recieve! 



The Style Your Life program is packed full of insane value! You will learn how to identify the life you want, clear energetic blockers as well as powerful spiritual & self love principles that allow you to manifest.


These powerful 1-1 sessions will get to the root of what is hurting you. Whether your issues are physical, emotional or spiritual we will identify the underlying mental patterns causing them and being the journey to heal.


We will meet in group sessions to clear accumulated negative energy, and discuss how to work through common blockers in a safe space. You will benefit from natural, holistic practices to aid in personal healing.

FREE e-book

You don’t have to have a boring, life or closet. Actually, you shouldn’t. It can be hard to figure out how to live & look like the God / dess you are.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance and a place to start. The “#StyleYourLife” E-book will give you just that. 


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